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Dear SDMEA members,  

The executive board met recently regarding the impact of Covid-19 on upcoming SDMEA student events. We unanimously voted to cancel all SDMEA events taking place January through May. While this was certainly a difficult decision, we believe it to be the most professional and responsible thing we can do for our organization, teachers, and students.   

Event Chairs will be communicating with directors regarding the impact of cancellation on individual events.  Please look for upcoming communications from your event chairs and contact them with any further questions you may have. In order to recognize students for their achievements,  we will still hold auditions and award students for their selection to all-state ensembles.  

Thank you for your understanding regarding our decision and your patience as we worked through logistics.  As always, please feel free to communicate with the SDMEA board with any questions you may have.  We are here for you! 

 Stay safe and well! 


 The SDMEA Executive Board

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